Our Guarantee



GP Martini Roofing Company warrants that the products that we install will perform as designed for the ordinary expected life of the materials purchased, when exposed to the specific conditions of the property on which they were installed. Local conditions such as but not limited to sunlight exposure, moisture retention, foot traffic, roof pitch, and vegetation debris can adversely affect the expected life. Conversely, ideal conditions can extend this expected life. The basis of this warranty is the “reasonable expected life” of the exterior product materials purchased under existing conditions.

What will GP Martini Roofing Company do?
As long as the materials remain in place unaltered by others, and your installed materials have not reached the end of their expected life, GP Martini Roofing will warrant that our work and the products we install will perform according to the manufacturer’s advertised life expectancy. Should our system fail under these conditions, GP Martini Roofing will make the necessary repairs at no charge. No charge for materials and no charge for labor. These repairs will be made in a timely manner.

High winds and storm damage
Most exterior products have a wind rating. If a storm should produce winds in your area that do not exceed this level, the manufacturer will be responsible for at least a portion of your loss, depending on the age of your materials installed and assuming that the materials were properly installed. GP Martini Roofing picks up where the manufacturer leaves off. If such a storm damages your exterior components during the period of their ordinary expected life, GP Martini Roofing will provide the labor and any portion of materials not covered by your roof materials warranty.

Extremely high winds
If a severe storm producing wind speeds above your material wind rating damages your products or materials installed by GP Martini Roofing, we can not be responsible for replacing materials or providing labor to make repairs without charge.

System Definition
Systems covered under this warranty include any repair or installation made by GP Martini Roofing Company. For asphalt shingle roofs, this warranty is superseded by GP Martini Roofing Co’s ..“for the LIFE of your roof” warranty. Work covered by this warranty includes, but is not limited to: Siding, Windows, Gutters, Decks, Doors, and Framing.


Should GP Martini Roofing need to make repairs, we will make an effort to match materials using the closest color/style match available. We can not guarantee that a perfect match will be available from manufacturers.

A system failure relates exclusively to leaks, water infiltration, or other clear reasonable performance related failure. Aesthetic appearance changes over time can not be predicted for all environments and so are not considered part of the GP Martini Roofing Warranty.

GP Martini Roofing will make every effort to make any necessary repairs as quickly as possible so as to prevent damage to structure and interior belongings. We can not, however, be responsible for consequential damages of any type.

When GP Martini Roofing provides labor and/or materials under our warranty, our work is limited to the portions originally installed by GP Martini Roofing.