Asphalt Roofing

The Experience

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type of residential roof we in the USA. There is a difference in approach to replacing these common roofs among contractors. At GP Martini Roofing, we see your roof as a system, as opposed to a series of materials nailed to the top of your house. We understand the importance of following the manufacturers’ installation specifications when installing their products. They were created to obtain the most efficient and effective roof system possible. Our highly trained crews and foremen are taught the important steps and procedures in order to execute a high-quality, predictable job, every time.

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Our experienced salesmen are not trained to pressure you into buying.  Rather, they are there to show you the differences among systems, products, and processes we employ to ensure the desired result.  And of course, they are able to answer any questions you have about your roof system. They work closely with our customers and facilitate communication throughout the project. From proper ventilation to color selection, our salesmen can steer you in the right direction. They are well versed in full system replacements, but they also understand how these systems work and are able to diagnose leaks and other problems and can recommend the best ways to eliminate leaks, route gutters, or tie into existing roofs for renovations and additions.

When we are hired to replace your roof, we attain all of the necessary licensing and permits required to do the job.

Before the job takes place, we meet with the homeowner to prepare them for what to expect so they can plan their lives around this brief, but major project. When our crew arrives in the morning, someone always makes the homeowner aware of our arrival prior to beginning work.  This is for the safety of people coming and going from the home, as well as to allow access to vehicles that may need to be moved. We try to make the roof installation experience as pleasant and trouble free as possible for our customers.  It is our policy to treat your home as we treat our own.

While installing an asphalt shingle roof, we treat the customer’s property with respect. Our installations generally take one day to complete. We work hard to maintain a safe, organized and clean jobsite at all times. A lot of debris falls from an asphalt roof while being replaced. We prefer to remove the all of the old roof system before installing the new asphalt shingles. The old roof materials are removed to the ground onto tarps or in our mobile dump trailer in order to keep debris contained. We do many sweeps around the yard, gardens, decks and patios to check for nails and other pieces of roofing material. Our crew runs a magnet throughout the property in order to pick up the fallen nails. After the roof is installed, we send someone out within a few days to do a final clean-up.  We are professionals working on your home and want to treat it with the respect it deserves.

The Product

We install many different kinds of shingles from various manufacturers such as GAF and CertainTeed. We only install products which have passed our rigorous evaluation for quality and reliability.  Because of our qualification levels with each of the manufacturers we work with, we are able to include the manufacturer’s extended Lifetime warranty, which covers labor and material to replace material failures for life. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer backs up their product. GP Martini Roofing Co. strives to give our customers the best products possible.

GP Martini Roofing Company’s For the Life of Your Roof Warranty covers the labor portion of your roof installation. For as long as that roof system still in place on your home, GP Martini Roofing guarantees its workmanship. This means that if you have a Lifetime architectural shingle roof system installed by us, and experience a roof leak, under most conditions, we will repair it at no cost.

Common Roof Issues

GP Martini Roofing only uses synthetic underlayments.  These are the “papers” that are applied before shingles are installed.  Traditional felt paper is effective, but is prone to tear and saturation under certain conditions.  In the unlikely event that a shingle were to blow off in a storm, we want to make sure our customer is still protected.  Synthetics do not tear in the wind and allow rainwater to drain to the roof eave until a shingle repair can safely be made.

Weather Barrier (Ice shield) is also applied at all eaves of your roof, complying with the standard code requirements of twenty-four inches past the warm wall.  This prevents damage from ice damming.  But we don’t limit this useful material to strictly code applications.  We install weather barriers anywhere that snow and ice may build up and cause a damming effect.  This includes valleys, at chimneys and skylights and other penetrations or roof structures.

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