Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are among the most economically and ecologically friendly roof systems.

They add value to any home. Whether it’s an entire roof replacement with metal or an accent over a porch, standing seam metal roofs give a look of class and sophistication to any home. Here at GP Martini Roofing Co, we fabricate our own metal panels for any standing seam roof installation. With our own in-house and mobile equipment, we can roll panels of nearly any length, fabricate our own trim components, and robotically seam installed panels for that factory finished look.  Having all of this capability in house allows us not only to completely customize your roof, but also to have among the lowest installed costs in the region.  Most of our competitors are forced to purchase panels and/or trims fabricated by others.  Naturally, this has a substantial effect on cost and lead time.

Metal roofs can be aluminum, copper, zinc, or steel.  Most modern metal roof systems are steel with a galvanize or galvalume coating and PVDF (polyvinylidene Fluoride).  These coatings ensure a color stable product that can last 50-100 years. While metal roofs are usually a bit more costly than asphalt, the average homeowner will only need one metal roof in a lifetime.  This eliminates a substantial amount of oil-based asphalt from ending up in a landfill after 25-35 years.  Further, steel is nearly 100% recycled and in many cases has already been recycled when we received it in coil form.  There is simply no more ecologically friendly choice than a metal roof.

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